Is OnePlus Getting Into Cryptocurrency?

Is OnePlus Getting Into Cryptocurrency?

The rumor is everywhere. Everyone is curious and wants to know: is OnePlus getting into cryptocurrency? Well, your answer is here, so read this post to the end to see if it’s for real or not.

OnePlus Getting Into Cryptocurrency, Rumour, or Fact?

The cryptocurrency industry is continuing to undergo a boom in growth in recent months. Although prominent smartphone makers have finally started expressing attention in the cryptocurrency sector,  OnePlus appears to be joining the trend shortly, after the business was discovered doing a survey on blockchain technology.

Following 9 years of presence in the smartphone business, OnePlus appears to be aiming to broaden its products, and the next project they may be exploring is the development of a cryptocurrency wallet.

As the Chinese corporation is discovered to be doing a survey on blockchain technology, OnePlus might be the next major name in the rising market of cryptocurrencies lead by Bitcoin. The survey’s goal is to get consumer opinion on cryptocurrency.



What Did OnePlus Asked its Users in the Survey?

Digital currencies have grown in popularity among youthful smartphone users, owing to the ease of use of cryptocurrency trading applications. This may have prompted OnePlus to consider developing a native solution for all its customers to store cryptocurrencies and maybe invest and trade in them.

Users are being asked if they have utilized trading services like Coinbase, Gemini, Robinhood, and Binance. This appears to be a sign that OnePlus may be entering the bitcoin platform or wallet industry.

The OnePlus Blockchain Research survey indicates the company’s interest in developing a cryptocurrency-related product. Whereas the title suggests that the survey’s only focus is on studying blockchain technology, a few of the questions offered to participants hint towards the creation of a new cryptocurrency platform that may serve as a cryptocurrency wallet.

The study asks people if they invest in cryptocurrency as well as which platforms they utilize to do so. It even features a question about the difficulties and inconveniences that users have experienced when trading cryptocurrencies.

blockchain technology

blockchain technology

What Was the Incentive of OnePlus Getting Into Cryptocurrency?

Whereas the study appears to be in its early stages, OnePlus is most likely riding on the coattails of Samsung. Interestingly, this South Korean tech titan created the technology for safe crypto transactions with the Samsung Galaxy S10 in 2019.

Apple was recently discovered to be interested in entering the cryptocurrency market. The Cupertino-based corporation is looking for a business development manager with cryptocurrency experience. It might be that Apple products may begin to allow Bitcoin transactions natively.

Final Thoughts on OnePlus Getting Into Cryptocurrency

Nonetheless, traditional investors are still wary of investing in cryptocurrencies because of their unpredictability and issues like the ripple effect, which implies that a fall in the value of one cryptocurrency impacts the value of others.

This corporation’s desire for a cryptocurrency wallet is only natural, especially in an era when investors from all over the world are flocking to the industry. The development of blockchain-backed currencies has lead to decentralized operations, so now, conventional banks have even less influence as to how the market develops. As a result, technology behemoths like OnePlus have a broad range of options for creating services that will be a part of the cryptocurrency industry in the future.

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